Tasawwuf 106: Virtues of Seclusion

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A Muslim in today's world is between a rock and a hard place: the world is corrupted, and we need to stay away from all the evil. However, as human beings we need company; we need to be around people. Islam is a social religion that must be practiced alongside family, friends and communities. So how do we balance all of this?? This seven hour course aims to cover the ins and outs of this delicate balance.


1 - The First Meaning of Jama'a

2 - The Second Meaning of Jama'a: The State

3 - The Third Meaning of Jama'a

4 - Where to Find the Jama'a

5 - On the Nature of Jama'a in the Quran

6 -Manners & Loyalty

7 - What if I can't find a jama'a?

8 - Harms of Abandoning the Jama'a

9 - The Basis & Method of Companionship

10 - Greeting Those of the Opposite Gender

11 - Dinner Invitations and the Wisdom Behind Them

12 - Q&A


13 - How To Know A Good Era From A Bad One

14 - Is the Default Being with People or Staying Away

15 - Prophets Have Different Rules About Companionship & Seclusion

16 - Should We Chase After People in Da'wa or Leave Them?

17 - Q&A

18 - The First Type of Fitna: Troubles of Daily Life

19 - The Second Type of Fitna: Is it a punishment?

20 - The Third Type of Fitna: (this is the major one)

21 - You Need a Thick Skin

22 - Q&A


23 - The Nature of Seclusion

24 - How Solitary Worship is Done

25 - Q&A

26 - The Rights of Companionship

27 - Satr al-Awra: Covering People's Flaws

28 - Contempt and It's Dangers

29 - Being the Least of the Muslims

30 - Ithar: Preferring Others Over Yourself

31 - The Final Q&A

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