About Arkview

Welcome to the Safina Society online portal. Through Arkview, you will learn the fundamentals of your deen.

We offer three tracks, with each one adding more advanced classes.

During term time, students take live classes and during breaks catch up on recordings.

Once a student registers, live class links will be shared on the Google Classroom.

Division of Courses

Free Courses

Arabic Alphabet for Beginners

Tajwid: An Introduction

Fiqh for Male Teens

Fiqh for Female Teens

How to Pray

Arkview Basics

Summer 2021 Live Courses:

Fortress of Faith for Teens

Interactive Tajwid

Fiqh for Kids

Intro to Arabic Grammer in 40 Lessons

Surah Kahf Hifz Class

History of the Rightfully Guided Khalifas for Tweens

Pre-Recorded Courses:

Principles of Tassawuf

Spirituality for Women

Hanafi Fiqh

Maliki Fiqh: Mukhtasar-al-Akhdari

Description of the Prophet SAW

Maliki Fiqh: Al-Ashmawiyya

Hanafi Fiqh for Kids

Seerah for Youth

Companions of the Prophet for Tweens

Alchemy of Happiness

Arabic Grammar: The Foundations

Book of Ghusl

Book of Hayd

Book of Iman

Book of Salat

Book of Wudu

Causes of Revelation

Short Suras Explained

Hadith for Youth

Lives of Man

Manifestations of the Unseen

Remembrance of God

Stories of the Prophets for Tweens

Summarized Ihya Ulum al-Din

Surat al-Kahf Explained

Virtues of Seclusion

World of Angels

Arkview + Scholarship Track

Summer 2021 Live Courses:

Science of Tawhid


Pre-recorded Classes:

Arabic Night Course

Quran for Kids

Fiqh of Inheritance

Wisdoms of Sira

Bukhari's Shortest Chains

Hikam of Ibn 'Ata

+All Arkview Foundations Courses

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