Tasawwuf 105: Remembrance of God

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How frustrating is it not being able to access knowledge directly from its Arabic sources? It is *very* frustrating. It's like being locked out of a castle. Or not allowed into a country. What I want to do through these videos is take you through the text word for word, while also discussing the content. So this is not just Arabic. If you don't know Arabic at all, you will still benefit from the commentary. This is how the screen looks, as the sections we go over are highlighted and specific words are marked.

What text is it based off of?

Arabic: Imam al-Suyuti's treatise on dhikr aloud.

English translation: The Remembrance of God, available here.

Are there pre-requisites?

None. I have made it such that there is plenty of commentary that a non-Arabic speaker will benefit from.

How long do I get access to the course?


What do the videos look like?

The PDF of the text is put up on the screen as Dr. Shadee comments and highlights the relevant sections.

Are there any samples?

There are samples for the first four videos as well as these links:

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