Islamic History for Tweens

Arkview (Basics) - Fall 2021 Live Class!

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This is a Fall 2021 live class. The class timing for this course will be Tuesday, 5:30 PM - 6:10 PM EST.

This course will cover Islamic history from the time of the rightly guided caliphs to the late Ottoman empire. Students will gain an appreciation for the historical Islamic heritage and learn about the key figures and events that shaped the history of our ummah.


Week 1 - Umayyad period

Week 2 - Tariq ibn Ziyad's conquest of Spain

Week 3 - Abbasid period

Week 4 - Abbasid period 2

Week 5 - The Initial Crusades

Week 6 - Reclaiming Jerusalem

Week 7 - Seljuks

Week 8 - Conflict with the Tatars

Week 9 - Rise of the Ottoman Empire

Week 10 - Islam in North Africa and the Slave Trade

Week 11 - Colonization of the Muslim World

Week 12 - History of Islam in India

Week 13 - The End of the Ottoman Empire

Week 14 - Rise of Nation States

Your Instructor

Kareem Odeh
Kareem Odeh

Kareem Odeh is a student at Rutgers University studying Computer Science and Philosophy. A tutor for over 5 years, he has taught children and teens topics ranging from test prep to karate lessons. Kareem is a Safina Society student and continues his Islamic education online, studying Shafi'i fiqh and usul with Sh. Abdurragmaan Khan and others.

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