Interactive Tajwid

Arkview (Basics) - Summer 2021 Live Class!

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This class is live year round. The class timing for this course will be Saturday, 10:00 AM - 12:15 PM EST.

Beginner’s course: We will be covering the first 5 pages of Surah al Baqarah. Each student will recite half a page from the Mushaf applying Tajwīd and proper pronunciation. Emphasis will be placed on the application of the articulation points and the distinctive traits of each letter.
Advanced course: We will cover the famous poem in the science of Tajwīd fah tul at Fal. Students will cover the text line by line and will be encouraged to memorize the Text. Students will study the rulings of Tajwīd at a moderate pace while going through the Mushaf and practically examining the application of the rules of Tajwīd.
This course will result in:
 Improving one’s pronunciation of the letters.
 Being able to recite the Qur’an smoothly, confidently and without hesitation.
 A clear understanding of the methodology of Tilawa (recitation) of the Qur’an.
 Walking away with strong foundation of how to approach the Qur’an.
 Techniques on how to memorize and review the Qur’an.

Your Instructor

Ustadh Nuh Saunders
Ustadh Nuh Saunders

Nuh Saunders was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is the grandson of converts to Islam who were sure to instill in him a love of Islam. As an aspiring Student of Knowledge, he began his studies in Arabic and Quranic studies at the Quba Institute in Philadelphia. He then began an in-depth study of Aqidah and Dawah with Shaykh Abdur Rahman Sondalani privately. During this time, he was privileged to study Shafi'i Fiqh with Imam Muhammad Amin of Atlantic City, New Jersey.

At the advice of Imam Amin and many others, Ustadh Nuh set out to the Islamic world to further his pursuit of knowledge. At first, this led him to Egypt where he had the opportunity to study Arabic grammar and Tajweed with scholars of Al-Azhar University. After that, he moved to Tarim, Yemen to enroll in the world-famous Dar Al Mustafa Islamic Seminary. He has studied the various Islamic sciences including fiqh, hadith, seerah, and Tassawuf.

His main area of study is Quranic recitation. He was given the opportunity to study privately with such great Quran reciters such as Sayyid Ali Ba Alawi of Tarim Hadramawt and Shaykh Bashar al Riz, who is one of the great reciters of Damascus and a direct student of Abul Hassan al Kurdi. He has memorized the main text in the science of Tajweed and received ijaza. He has been been in Tarim for the past six years where he is studying full time with the intention of specializing in Dawah, and Quranic recitation, along with the variant modes of recitation under the tutelage of great scholars such as Habib Umar Bin Hafidh and many others.

Course Curriculum

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