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This is a Spring 2022 live class. The class timing for this course will be Monday and Wednesday, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM EST.

Beginner Arabic Part 1:

This course is intended for students of the Arabic language, who already have essential reading and listening skills; i.e. they know the letters, can read the words, but have little to no working vocabulary, or who have a limited vocabulary. They should also be able to have a modicum of ability, or exposure, at writing Arabic words.

The course is intended to give them real tools to make them life long leaners of the language, and to also give them understanding of Arabic much like a native-speaker would by utilizing the same learning methods that you would find in a school within the Arabic language. However, it will also use second-language acquisition methods along the way.

The course is a practical application of the Arabic language and utilizes a method intended for native speakers at the elementary stages in their education. In other words, whereas students of Arabic in the West have always focused on grammar at the detriment of understanding, this course is intended to teach the language in a natural progression focusing on strengthening the four core skills of reading, listening, speaking, and writing. At the elementary or beginner level, the course focuses on giving students a working knowledge of the language by building their vocabulary base and getting them used to speaking and writing Arabic in the very first lessons.

As such, this course uses:

1) A text book designed for first graders in Algeria

2) English as the main language of instruction, but with an aim to gradually move to Arabic

3) Reading as a group

4) Writing in the form of dictations of vocabulary, and small to medium-length sentences.

5) Writing composition of short sentences using the pool of vocabulary acquired after the first 3 weeks

6) Speaking on a daily basis in the form of short vocab quizes and sentence recall based on images taken from their text book

Student success in the class will be predicated on having a physical print-out of the book, daily review that should be about 20 minutes, and submission of all assignments given by the teacher.

Your Instructor

Mansur Kaps
Mansur Kaps

Mansur Kaps was born in Montreal, Canada and accepted Islam at the age of 23. Having had the blessing of learning Arabic the same year as his conversion, and learning basic fard al-ayn over the following 2 years, he was inspired to begin his journey (rihla) of seeking knowledge at the feet of scholars abraod. He spent 7 years in Amman, Jordan where he deepened his knowledge of Arabic, Fiqh, Hadith, Aqidah, Mantiq and some of the basic sciences of the Qur'an. He also briefly travelled to al Ayn in the UAE, and Mauritania to study some of the poems of Sidi Muhammad Mawlud. He is currently studying with the esteemed shaykh Zuhayr Qazzan, from Algeria and who is currently residing in Cairo. His lessons are mainly private classes online due to the current global situation preventing him from travelling. For Mansur, learning is a never ending process.

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  Spring 2022
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