Maliki Fiqh: Mukhtasar Al Akhdari

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In this course, we will be studying the Mukhtasar of Imam al Akhdari as a continuation of a series of commentaries on books in the Maliki Madhab. This book contains issues which the legally responsible Muslim (mukallaf) must know in terms of purification (tahara), salat (prayer) and miscellaneous issues. This book will be used to explain the issues that were not explained in the previous Maliki Fiqh: Al-Ashmawiyya course along with others that were already covered in the previous course but will now be covered in greater detail. This means that the previous Ashmawiyya course is a prerequisite to taking this one. In addition, there will be supplementary issues which will be covered at a deeper level than outlined in the supplementary videos from the previous course, with a focus on the history of the development of the Maliki Madhab.

By the end of this course, students can expect to:

-Review issues from the Ashmawiyya at an advanced level

-Learn rulings that were not covered in Maliki Fiqh: Al-Ashmawiyya

-Gain a deeper knowledge in the history of the Maliki Madhab

-Benefit from a series of supplementary videos in various topics related to the course and Maliki fiqh in general (e.g. evidence for rulings)

Class Text: The Mukhtasar of Imam al Akhdari

Prerequisites: Maliki Fiqh: Al-Ashmawiyya

Your Instructor

Harun Saleh
Harun Saleh

Son of Palestinian immigrants, Br. Harun Saleh was born and raised in New Jersey. While a student at Rutgers Business School, he began studying through the Uwaylim track with Dr. Shadee Elmasry and Arabic with Sh. Osamah Salhia. After graduation, he studied Siraj ul Salik Sharh Ashal ul Masalik with Sh. Mujahid Abdul Karim and then completed the The Ibn Hajr al Asqalani Hadith course with Sh. Mohammed Daniel, covering texts in Mustalah ul Hadith including the Bayquniyya, Tadhkirah of Ibn al Mulaqin and more. Later, he traveled to Egypt to study Maliki fiqh under the tutelage of Sh. Zuhayr Qazzan. There, not only did he intensively study Fiqh, Usool, Aqida, and Mantiq, but also benefitted profoundly from his close mentorship. Aside from being a student, he is also a speaker, lecturing at the International Maliki Madhhab Conference in Algeria on shariah rulings in accordance with Maliki Fiqh. Br. Harun Saleh is a lifelong, passionate learner. Currently, he is editing Arabic manuscripts in fiqh while working as a Tax Professional at a family practice and traveling overseas during off-season to continue to broaden his Islamic studies.

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