Hanafi Fiqh for Kids

Arkview (Basics)

This class is included in Arkview and Arkview+.

For kids that come from families that practice the Hanafi maddhab, this class will be like a glove that fits perfectly.

It's much easier for kids to learn the same Madhab that is practiced at home with the proper understanding behind each principle and ruling. With 70% of the Muslim world practicing the Hanafi madhhab, we wanted to offer this course and represent those students that wish to learn the madhhab the best way possible.

This class is a kid friendly Hanafi Fiqh class covering the details of Purification (eg. Wudu, Tayammun, Ghusl) and Prayer (everything from the Adhan to the details of the prayer and types of prayers).

Your Instructor

Ali Bhatti
Ali Bhatti

Br. Ali Bhatti was born and raised in Canada and California. He recently relocated to New Jersey with his wife and 3 children, and began teaching at Safina Society as a Seerah instructor for his kids' classes in 2018. He is extremely passionate about reinvigorating a strong emotional connection to the Prophet (Sal Allahu Alaihi Wasalam) which he believes is lacking throughout the ummah, and is really excited to study and teach Seerah and Shama'il to help increase our knowledge and love for the Messenger of Allah (Sal Allahu Alaih). He has always been passionate about inspiring and teaching youth, and served as a Youth Director, Sunday School teacher, and co-founder of an umbrella youth organization that united masajid, college MSAs and youth groups across the Bay Area. He was instrumental in bringing unity amongst many conflicting masajid in the Bay, and helped them to focus on bringing misguided youth back to the community. He has about 15 years of experience teaching both children and teens. In his time in California, he was blessed to sit with many scholars and teachers including Sh.Yahya Rhodus, Sh. Tarif Arabi, Imam Zaid Shakir, Sh. Hamza Yusuf, Imam Tahir Anwar, Sh. Tameem Ahmadi, Syed Mubeen Saifullah, Sh. Rami Nsour, and many more.