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*Basic Course
+Scholarship Course






Arabic Language

Islamic History

Live Classes

Interactive Tajwid*


Fortress of Faith for High Shoolers*

Fiqh Essentials: Pre-Teens & Young Adults*




Readings in Tafseer+


Fortress of Faith for Middle Schoolers

Maliki Fiqh: Ibn Ashir Part 2*





*Seerah for Kids


Pre Recorded Classes

The Quran According to Imam Qalūn*

Companions of the Prophet

for Tweens

Ibn Ashir Part 1: Aqeedah*

Maliki Fiqh for Kids*

Principles of Tassawuf*

Arabic Night Course+

History of the Rightfully Guided Khalifas*

Surah Kahf Hifz*

Hadith for Teens*

Science of Tawhid+

Maliki Fiqh: Mukhtasar Al Akhdari*

Hikam of Ibn'Ata+

Arabic Alphabet for Beginners

Stories of Prophets for Tweens*

Quran for Kids*

Description of the Prophet


World of Angels (Shaykh Abd al-Hamid Kishk)*

Ashmawiyya Maliki Fiqh*

Lives of Man*

Intro to Arabic Grammar in 40 Lessons

Arabic Readings from Qasas al-Nabiyeen*

Causes of Revelation ( Imam Suyuti)*

Seerah for Youth*

Book of Iman (Sahih Muslim)*

Book of Ghusl (Sahih Muslim)*

Alchemy of Happiness*

Arabic for Kids

Islamic History for Tweens*

Surat al-Kahf Explained*

Nukhbat al Fikar+

Základy Islamu

Book of Salat (Sahih Muslim)*

Manifestations of the Unseen*


History of the Abbasids

Tajweed: An Introduction

Bukhari's Shortest Chains+


Book of Hayd (Sahih Muslim)*

Remembrance of God (Imam al-Suyuti)*


Short Suras Explained*

Seerah in Czech*


Book of Wudu (Sahih Muslim)*

Summarized Ihya Ulum al-Din (Imam Al-Ghazali)*



Wisdoms of Seerah+


Fiqh of Inheritance+

Spirituality for Women*



Seerah in Spanish*


Fiqh for Male Teens


Uwaylim: Sciences of Quran & Hadith+


Fiqh for female Teens



How to Pray



*Hanafi Fiqh