Ashmawiyya Maliki Fiqh

Arkview (Basics)

This class is included in Arkview and Arkview+.

Book: Al Ashmawiyya

Subject: Fiqh (Tahara, Salat, Sawm) with supplementary classes in usool, mantiq, history of the Maliki Madhhab

Class Structure: There will be a live session along with pre-recorded sessions that may be sent before or after class depending on the week. This will not be a basic level fiqh class meaning that the student should have studied something in fiqh before even if they listen to classes on the same book or similar level on YouTube before or have studied it elsewhere (those who sign up without prior knowledge in fiqh will be asked to listen to a set of videos in order to be prepared). We will be doing a deep analysis of the text and getting into the mind of the author and trying to understand the language of fiqh and how fiqh texts are structured and why. We will also be going over differences of opinion within the madhhab and outside the madhhab looking at the evidence and seeing why the Maliki position is what it is. Alongside the class there will be supplementary videos pre-recorded in different sciences from mantiq (logic), Arabic language, usool, mustalah ul hadith, and anything else that is needed to understand what is in the class. There will also be supplementary videos on the development of the Maliki madhhab going over key scholars and books and their effects on the madhhab. We will also be discussing the different ways that a classical text can be studied so that the student will know how to adapt their style to teach to both common people and those who are interested in more details. I will also be setting up the class in a format that the student will have to think over the text critically and do minor assignments throughout to test their comprehension of the topics being discussed. This will be more than just read the text and give a basic explanation as we will be going into deeper discussions and debates within the madhhab.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

1) Know key Arabic terms in fiqh

2) Understand the issues in the subjects at an intermediate level

3) Learn how to engage critically with and understand a book of fiqh

4) Understand the importance of the relied upon position of the madhhab

5) Know about the history of the madhhab

Your Instructor

Harun Saleh
Harun Saleh

Son of Palestinian immigrants, Br. Harun Saleh was born and raised in New Jersey. While a student at Rutgers Business School, he began studying through the Uwaylim track with Dr. Shadee Elmasry and Arabic with Sh. Osamah Salhia. After graduation, he studied Siraj ul Salik Sharh Ashal ul Masalik with Sh. Mujahid Abdul Karim and then completed the The Ibn Hajr al Asqalani Hadith course with Sh. Mohammed Daniel, covering texts in Mustalah ul Hadith including the Bayquniyya, Tadhkirah of Ibn al Mulaqin and more. Later, he traveled to Egypt to study Maliki fiqh under the tutelage of Sh. Zuhayr Qazzan. There, not only did he intensively study Fiqh, Usool, Aqida, and Mantiq, but also benefitted profoundly from his close mentorship. Aside from being a student, he is also a speaker, lecturing at the International Maliki Madhhab Conference in Algeria on shariah rulings in accordance with Maliki Fiqh. Br. Harun Saleh is a lifelong, passionate learner. Currently, he is editing Arabic manuscripts in fiqh while working as a Tax Professional at a family practice and traveling overseas during off-season to continue to broaden his Islamic studies.

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